Our Mission

Sun Elements was founded in 2012 out of our desire to see more locally sourced, organic ingredients in skin care. Our family’s high oleic sunflower oil continues to be the showcase ingredient in all our products. We have loved meeting our customers over the years and collaborating with the unique stores and shops that carry our products. We look forward to continuing to bring you high quality, good-for-you products!

The Power of Green Science

Our personal care products are crafted by our founder, Abby Meyer, an accomplished Green Chemist. Abby’s mission is to provide you and your family with a line of personal care products that clean without exposing you to synthetic chemicals.

Local and Sustainable

We believe that providing an incredible product is just the beginning. We are committed to socially responsible business practices including local sourcing of ingredients, fair employment practices, and corporate stewardship.

About Us

Try our soap and you will agree – the sunflowers make the difference! Grown and raised in rural Wisconsin, our sunflower seeds are cold-pressed in order to maintain nutrients and eliminate the use of harsh chemicals during the oil extracting process.

The Power of Green Science

Become a distributor, ingredient supplier, or
champion. Together we can provide a safe clean to customers, while benefiting our environment and the local economy.

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collection of soaps and personal care products handcrafted in Wisconsin, using locally sourced ingredients and local talent.

What Our Customers Say

favorite chapstick. clean, simple ingredients and it legit works

Sarah S.

Great product. Quick arrival.

Janet G.

THE ONLY ALUMINUM FREE DEODORANT I’VE TRIED THAT ACTUALLY WORKS! I absolutely love it, and it smells great…and now even I do! !

Lenore M.

The lotion stick is effective and convenient. It smells good and works. I highly recommend this product.

Kelli N.

My husband and I LOVE this lip balm!!! It’s by far the best we’ve ever tried!!! Thank you for such a great product!!

Heatherlynn P.

Thank so much for such a quick shipment. Got the soap just a couple of days after I ordered. This is the best soap you can buy! So gentle on hands!! Thank you!

Jo Elle B.

I bought a bunch for gifts, but probably will keep them! They are so nice. Don’t feel waxy or have a weird taste as so many big name brands do.


I love this stuff. Its makes my hands softer and I think it even helps with the wrinkles. Great product!

Kelli N

Very smooth and smells so nice. I use these as lip balms too.

Elizabeth E

Love this deodorant! I waited to write my review after putting it to the test . After an 11 hour work day and an 8 mile hike I still smelled fresh! I will be ordering more once I’m out.

Abby C