Liquid Foaming Hand Soap, Lemongrass Scented, Organic (8.5oz)




This unique formulation nourishes as it cleans, leaving your hands feeling soft and smooth. Made of natural ingredients that have been approved by the FDA for use in food products, this soap doubles as a fruit and vegetable wash.

Try our soap and you will agree – the sunflowers make the difference! Grown and raised in rural Wisconsin, our sunflower seeds are cold-pressed in order to maintain nutrients and eliminate the use of harsh chemicals during the oil extracting process.

Our personal care products are crafted by our founder, Abby Meyer, an accomplished Green Chemist. Abby’s mission is to provide you and your family with a line of personal care products that clean without exposing you to synthetic chemicals.

We believe that providing an incredible product is just the beginning. We are committed to socially responsible business practices including: local sourcing of ingredients, fair employment practices, and corporate stewardship.

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